Adobes new line of touch apps for tablets 

Photoshop Touch

This app lets users transform existing images and combine serveral images into a new layered image. Using simple finger gestures, users can move, scale, transform, rearrange, and otherwise place a series of images into a single document.

The app provides access to tools derived from Adobe Photoshop such as brushes, clone, eraser, text, and gradients in addition to layers, blend modes, and Photoshop's Refine Edge feature. A new tool called scribble lets you make basic selections of foreground and background to ease composting. You can create masks or extract selections and place an object on a new background—all with finger gestures. 


The service that was introduced in Photoshop CS4 is now a Touch app. Kuler is designed for graphic artists whose work relies heavily on color coordination and theme creation; it lets users create and share themes via their tablet and the cloud.

Kuler retains much of the same emphasis on the tablet as it did within the desktop Photoshop program—that is, to create, explore, and share color schemes and find harmonizing colors. You can extract color themes from photos, generate new themes, or adapt themes that have already been shared via the online Kuler community.


Capturing the emotional spirit of an image is the idea behind Collage. This composition tool lets you import several images onto a canvas, letting you choose among photos, drawings, and color themes from Kuler, letting you position them to create "mood boards." The app includes four customizable pen types for drawing, adding text, or applying color themes. An unconstrained canvas expands to accommodate more elements. Files can be shared or transferred for access in Photoshop.


This vector drawing app is already on the iPad. Because it now operates with the other new tools, you can now use it to layer image files and color themes, in addition to drawing with a finger or stylus.


This app acts as an interactive communication and demonstration device for designers to present and collaborate on their work. Debut can open tablet-compatible versions of Creative Suite files including Photoshop layers and Illustrator art boards.

A markup pen tool lets users annotate their work, indicate the need for changes, and otherwise communicate on a visual piece.


This new wire framing app lets you quickly create website and mobile app prototypes where in fingertip gestures automatically translate into interactive functionality.The app recognizes elements that you draw on screen and translates them into HTML, designating website structure, page elements, or interactivity. For example, a rectangle is a Div tag; an X is a placed image; a scribble is text.

Adobe's new Touch apps build on the launch of Carousel, the cloud-based photography app that provides access to your entire photo library across tablets, smartphones and desktops without storage or manual syncing issues.


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